About PPBPC:

Focusing on export diversification, the government is trying to boost up the export potentials of Agro products. Consequently, with a view to promote the plastic products of the country, Ministry of Commerce has formed the council on May 15, 2018 titled “Plastic Products Business Promotion Council (PPBPC)” in partnership with the public and private sector. Honorable Secretary, Ministry of Commerce is the ex-officio chairman of the council, while Vice chairman of Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) is the 1st Vice chairman, and President, Bangladesh Plastic Goods Manufacturers & Exporters Association (BPGMEA) represents the private sector as the 2nd Vice chairman.

Vision & Mission:  Promoting the local market capacity of Plastic sector which will generate an export market in global arena. Development of Plastic products, improving the quality through addressing problems associated with compliance, human resource development and expanding the export market.

AIMS & OBJECTIVES: The aims and objectives for which the Council is established are:

  • to promote the export of Bangladeshi Plastic Products including rubber and their components;

  • to facilitate export of Plastic products including rubber and import of required raw materials, know-how, equipment and machinery for producing export quality goods;

  • to promote, increase and maintain the industrial utilization of Plastic products including rubber and industry by-products/wastage;

  • to promote and disseminate useful information on plastic sector and allied industries so as to enhance the contribution of the sector to the growth and development of the national economy;

  • to promote, protect and safeguard the interests of the members of the Council representing the plastic sector;

  • to act as a clearing house and information center for members of the Council and to provide common services for their common benefit;

  • to maintain laision with any agency setup for grading or laying down the standards of quality and packing in respect of plastic and plastic products intended for export;

  • to undertake all measures as may be necessary to assist, support, promote and improve production of plastics and plastic goods including rubber for export;

  • to make recommendations and suggestions to the government as may be necessary or expedient to the development, production and sales promotion of the plastic sector;

  • to create positive attitude among policy planners, decision-makers and stakeholders regarding the plastic sector;

  • to co-operate and coordination with public bodies and other organizations engaged in activities similar to those of this Council in matters of common interest;

  • to develop linkage with different institutions/ enterprises home and abroad for the development of the plastic sector;

  • to send trade missions to, or receiving such missions from foreign countries for the promotion of market abroad;

  • to sponsor, on its own and / or arrange through the Government and other agencies, visits of delegation of members to countries to promote the interests of the Plastic products industries in Bangladesh in areas such as market surveys, exports, joint ventures and collaborations, market studies and any other allied matters;

  • to pursue the Government and other authorities in framing appropriate investment, tax & tariff policies conducive to the growth and development of plastic sector;

  • to frame and maintain a code of professional ethics and general standards of professional conduct and practice and promote fair competition and healthy trade practices amongst the stockholders of Plastic industries;

  • to undertake and execute any trusts which may be lawfully carried out by the Council and which may be conducive to the objectives of the Council;

  • to undertake training, awareness or educational programme to denelop, promote, advance and increase the value added products in the plastic sector;

  • to study, carry out and sponsor research works on problems and prospects of the Plastic sector;

  • to undertake projects and to provide facilitation services to all stakeholders in planning, implementation and evaluation of development projects;

  • to enlist the services of experts and to have, at its disposal, expert advice on matters relating to the plastic sector;

  • to adopt such means of making known the activities and services of the Council as deemed expedient and in particular by advertising in the press, digital and electronic media by publication of books and periodicals or any other kind of literature and by granting prizes, awards and donations;

  • to institute, conduct and defend legal proceedings by or against the Council or member of the Council or employees in respect of matters affecting the Council;

  • to undertake and settle all matters of disputes either among the Council members or between the members and others by arbitration or otherwise in accordance with the main objectives of the Association; and

  • to undertake any other activities to fulfill the aims and objectives of the Council.


Sector Profile: Current Status of Plastic Product


Although the plastic sector has emerged as a small scale industry in the country, the sharp and steady growth of middle class since 1970s has positively affected the domestic consumption of plastic. The local consumption demand and demand as backward industry has mushroomed the growth of small and medium scale plastic factories in the major cities of Bangladesh. This led to the start of the plastic industry in 1980s although the scale of industrial production was very little. In the earlier state, plastic sector was engaged in making toys, machine parts and plastic jugs in some factories of old Dhaka. The sector got its foothold through developing as a supporting backward linkage industry for the readymade garment (RMG) sector of Bangladesh. During 1980 and 2000, the total plastic production has increased an average of more than 20% per year. During this period, a large number of injection grade and film grade plastic factories were set up and the sector started to play a significant role in rapid industrialization.

Export Scenario of Bangladesh:


The market for plastic products comprises both domestic and export markets. According to data of BPGMEA, the size of the local market for the plastic sector is about US$2.5 billion. The exports of plastic goods, on the other hand, are done in two forms-directly to the overseas market and indirectly as packaging materials and accessories for other export items. Export market in terms of direct export is US$ 497 million (in FY 2016) of which US$ 409 million is deemed export and US$ 89 million in direct export. Hence, the total market for plastic products both at home and abroad is about US$ 2.99 billion-of which 83.4 per cent of these are linked with local market while the rest 16.6 per cent is to be linked with the global market.






53.72 US$

68.76 US$


84.27 US$

88.69 US$


119.95 US$

84.51 US$


89.46 US$

85.70 US$


90.22 US$

100.57 US$


118.00 US$

89.00 US$


93.50 US$

116.95 US$


148.00 US$

98.48 US$


100.00 US$

119.8 US$


150.00 US$

100.52 US$
















Plastic goods are exported directly to Poland, China, UK, Belgium, France, Germany, USA, Canada, Spain, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Australia, Sri Lanka, Japan, Malaysia, UAE, Hong Kong, Bahrain, Italy, New Zealand, Netherlands, etc. At present the rank of the plastic products in the export basket is 12th according to the direct exports; but if adjusted with the deemed export, its position will move up to 6th which is be above the ranking of raw hides and skins, headgear and parts, mineral fuels, oils, edible fruits, nuts, tobacco, leather products etc.



(direct export)


(deemed exports)



















                 Source: EPB, NBR & BPGMEA


Council Objectives

  1. The sector needs special attention in capacity building activities in respect of improving human resources, acquiring appropriate technology, generating information about markets, attaining quality and standards, complying with international norms or codes of conduct, policy support & intervention, etc. Thus the prime objective of forming the Council is to promote the sector so that it achieves competency in the local and global context as well as helps the industry build capacities in the fields of human resources and appropriate technology.

Authority of the Council

  1. According to clause 3.0 of the AOA, the Council has the power to affiliate, admit membership, take-over, assist and to receive assistance from any other society, council, association, company, corporation, firm, government, Chamber of Commerce & Industry, international organization, partnership of persons promoting or intending to promote any of the objectives of the Council.


Executive Committee:

  1. Chairman : Honorable Secretary, Ministry of Commerce

  2. 1st Vice Chairman : Vice Chairman, Export Promotion Bureau

  3. 2nd Vice Chairman : President, from Bangladesh Plastic Goods Manufacturers &

                                          Exporters Association (BPGMEA)

  1. Joint Secretary (Export), Ministry of Commerce

  2. Council Coordinator, Business Promotion Council – Member-Secretary

  3. One (1) member from Ministry of Environment & Forests (Not below the rank of Deputy Secretary)

  4. One (1) member from Ministry of Industries (Not below the rank of Deputy Secretary)

  5. One (1) member from Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) (not below the rank of Director)

  6. One (1) member from Board of Investment Bangladesh (not below the rank of Deputy Director)

  7. One (1) member from Fire Service and Civil Defense Directorate (not below the rank of Deputy Director)

  8. One (1) representative (not below Director) from FBCCI

  9. One (1) representative (not below Director) from DCCI

  10. One (1) member from Bangladesh Export Processing Zone Authority (BEPZA) (not below the rank of General Manager)

  11. One (1) member from Bangladesh Bank (not below the rank of General Manager)

15-16. Two (2) members Bangladesh Plastic Goods Manufacturers & Exporters

          Association (BPGMEA) (not below the rank of member)       

  1. One (1) member from Bangladesh PVC Compound Manufacturers Association


  1. One (1) member from Plastic Packaging, Roll Manufacturers Owners Association


  1. One (1) member from Bangladesh PVC Pipe Manufacturers Association (BPPMA)

  2. One (1) member from Bangladesh Pet Flakes Manufacturers & Exporters Association (BPFMEA)

  3. One (1) member from Bangladesh Flexible Packaging Industries Association (BFPIA)



Roadmap on Plastic sector – New Plastic Economy in Bangladesh by 2030

Organizing Association             :

Bangladesh Plastic Goods Manufacturers & Exporters Association (BPGMEA)

Prepared by                            :

Dr. Khondoker Golam Moazzem & Mr. Abbeer Khandoker

Study objective                       :

Main objective of the study was present situation of the plastic sector in Bangladesh, what is the lacking/ problems in this sector, how can we remove the barriers and increase the export growth.







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Plastic Products Business Promotion Council

Ministry of Commerce
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Fax: 088-02-7117003
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