Executive Committee
Executive Committee of MPHPBPC
The Executive Committee of the Council is responsible to run the affairs of the council. There is an Executive Committee of the Council to run the affairs of the Council. The Executive Committee of the Council consists of the following 29 (Twenty nine) members:
Chairman: Honorable Secretary, Ministry of Commerce
1st Vice Chairman : Vice Chairman, Export Promotion Bureau
2nd Vice Chairman : President, Bangladesh Ayurvedic Aushadh Shilpa Samity
4.Joint Secretary (Export), Ministry of Commerce
5.Director General (MEA), Ministry of Foreign Affairs
6.Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
7.Deputy Economic Adviser, Ministry of Finance
8.Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture
9.Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Environment and Forest
10.Vice-Chancellor, Bangladesh Agricultural University
11.President, Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry(FBCCI
12.Chairman, Bangladesh Small & Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC)
13.Chairman, Bangladesh Neem Foundation
14.President, Unani Aushadh Shilpa Samity
15.President, Bangladesh Ayurvedic Aushadh Shilpa Samity
16.President, Bangladesh Homeopathic Medicine Manufacturers Association
17.Chairman, Bangladesh Nursery Malik Samity(Four Members including two members from leading exporters of theMedicinal Plants and Herbal Products Industries sector from Corporate Members of the council to be co-opted by the Executive Committee of the council;
18.Managing Director, Hamdard Foundation,
19.Managing Director, Jayson Natural Products,
20.Modern Herbal Group of Companies and
21.Executive Director, The ACME Laboratories Ltd.
22.Chairman, Agricultural Business Development Organization of Bangladesh (ADOB)
23.President, Bangladesh Herbal Food and Cosmetics Association
24.President, National Association of Small and Cottage Industries Bangladesh (NASIB)
25.Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (BCSIR)
26.President, Bangladesh Unani Medical Association
27.President, Bangladesh Homeopathic Parishad
28.Chairman, Square Herbal & Ayurvedic Ltd.
29.President, Bangladesh Herbal Products Manufacturing Association.