Aims & Objectives
Aims & Objectives of the Council:
The light engineering products primarily to meet the domestic demand as import substitute and then for export market as well if appropriate guidance and supports could be provided to the industry. This needs special attention to the capacity building activities of supply side constraints in respect of improving human resources, acquiring appropriate technology, information about markets, products and technology, attaining quality and standards, policy advocacy, etc.
Thus the prime objective of forming the Council is to promote the sector to achieve competency in the local and global context as well as to help the industry building capacities in the field of human resources and acquiring technologies. The specific objectives of the Council are:
  • To promote and facilitate export of light engineering products and services;
  • To encourage and assist in balanced development of light engineering product and services;
  • To set up a common facility center for testing, training, standardization and certification of light engineering products and services;
  • To create positive attitude among policy planners, decision makers and stakeholders regarding the light engineering sector;
  • To promote and disseminate useful knowledge on light engineering product and services in particular, so as to enhance the contribution of these to the growth and development of the national economy; and
  • To develop linkage with different Institutions/Enterprises involved in promoting participation, both national and international and to help in the development of human resources required by the light engineering industries.

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