Key information
The Light Engineering Sector (LES) is recognized as the mother industry of all other industries as they supply the basic elements of an industry, like capital machinery, spare parts and accessories with high potentiality to export in international market. Beside these, LES are now producing various kinds of import substitute products and services mostly for the domestic market. With the multifaceted backdrop of LES, few of the products of it are currently exported in different countries with immense global competition. The growth and diversification of light engineering products largely depends on the policy support, public-private jointly initiative for institutional and financial support, availability of technical and business information, innovation and sustainable development of technology and related products, capacity development of industries, research and development facilities and removal of other barriers relating to the engineering sector.

In the present context of globalization, the Ministry of Commerce has taken initiative as a part of the development and diversification strategy to support LES with the objective to increase industrial base and volume of foreign trade. The light engineering industries play a vital role in the socio-economic development of the Bangladesh. This sector is not only producing import substitute goods but also facilitating employment opportunities for the country.