Bridge Overview
An abridged overview of Bangladesh Light Engineering Product Sector:
  • Light Engineering Sector (LES) have emerged as the cornerstone of development providing the platform for industrial growth, enhancement of trade and economic prosperity. The light engineering industries have potency to play a significant role in technological and economical development along with a vast scope of employment generation.
  • The Government of Bangladesh has declared light engineering sector as one of the most priority sector in the export policy 2009 - 2012.
  • Light Engineering Sector is classified as a sub-sector of Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs). An estimate shows that there are about 40,000 light engineering industries in the country. Most of the industries are located at Dhaka, Chittagong, Narayangong, Bogra, Gazipur, Kishorganj, and other location of the country. According to the estimate around 7 million technically educated and skilled people and innovative entrepreneurs are actively engaged with the sector.
  • In Bangladesh, all over 90 percent of light engineering industries are serving the local needs of the people. There are strong backward and forward linkages between the light engineering industries and other sector (such as agriculture, automobile, and transportation) of the economy in Bangladesh.
  • There are about 1,200 light engineering industries presently enlisted in Bangladesh Small & Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC) who are supplying various type of products (such as spare parts, equipment, capital machinery) under sub contacting scheme.
  • The product types of light engineering sector are: Automobile spare parts, Railway engine & rail line spare parts, Bicycle & cycle rickshaw, Machine tools, Jute & Textiles machines and spare parts, Chemical industries machines and spare parts, Sugar and food industries machines & spare parts, Engineering & metal industries spare parts, Ship industries spare parts, Agricultural machines accessories and spare parts. The light engineering industries of Bangladesh is currently producing a total 3,815 types of quality machinery, spares and accessories.
  • The consumer of light engineering products and services are both the public and private sector. Major public sector consumers are: Sugar and Food Industries Corporation, Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation, Bangladesh Railway, BRTA, BRTC, BIWTA, BIWTC, Port Authority, WASA, T&T, PDB, Public Health Engineering, Civil Aviation, Bangladesh Biman. The private sector is also the major consumer of the light engineering products.
  • A number of potential export quality light engineering products are going to foreign market on direct and subcontracting means. These are spare parts of Paper & Cement mills, Bicycle, Fancy light fitting, Construction equipment, Battery, Voltage stabilizer, Iron chain, Cast iron article, Carbon rod, Automobile spares, Electronics items, and Stainless steel wares.
  • The infrastructure facilities (such as electricity, gas, transportation, and telecommunication) and labor cost are comparatively lesser than other countries as such the sector shows high potentiality of growth and development.
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