Strength & Opportunities of Bangladesh
Strength & Opportunities of Bangladesh Shrimp/Fishery sector
(A glimpse from the SWOT Analysis of the sector)
  • Fisheries lie in the rural areas.
  • Low labour intensive and still production cost comparatively lower.
  • Wider scopes for earning foreign exchange.
  • Fisheries offer opportunities for women’s involvement as entrepreneurs, besides rendering physical labour.
  • Processing factories with 80% surplus capacities
  • Value added and diversified products can bring more foreign exchange earning.
  • Shrimp producing in Bangladesh is almost organic in nature. So it is natural as well as tasty comparing to the shrimp of other countries.
  • Fresh water shrimp (Golda) opens opportunity for all rural peoples including poor.
  • International demand for shrimp countries.
  • Tremendous scopes for vertical and horizontal expansions.
  • Numbers of importing countries are being increased.
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