Aims & Objectives
Aim and Objectives of the council:
The prime objective of the Council is to promote the sector to achieve competency in the local and global context as to help the industry in building capacity in the fields of human resources, product diversification, quality and standards and acquiring suitable technology.
The Major objectives are:
(1)to promote the export of Bangladesh fishery products;
(2)to promote and facilitate export of fishery products and import of required raw materials, know-how, equipment and machinery for producing export quality goods;
(3)to develop a quality assurance programme with a view to address the issue of traceability in collaboration with or assistance from the development partners;
(4)to collect, compile and disseminate useful knowledge on fishery products, technology, market opportunities, compliance requirements, etc. so as to enhance the contribution of these to the growth and development of the national economy;
(5)to promote, protect and safeguard the interests off the members of the Council;
(6)to advance to the government on matters related to policy and planning;
(7)to make the government and other bodies aware of and be responsive to the needs of fishery products industry;
(8)to work with the Government, semi-Government, private and international agencies with participatory approaches for the benefit of the industry;
(9)to co-operate with public bodies and other organizations engaged in activities and / or objectives similar to those of this Council in matters of common interest. ;
(10)to send trade missions to, or receiving such missions from foreign countries for the promotion of market abroad;
(11)to sponsor on its own and / or arrange through the Government and development partners, visits of delegation of members to countries to promote the interests of the Bangladesh fishery products industry in the areas such as market surveys, exports, joint ventures and collaborations, engineering, consultancy, studies and any other allied matters;
(12)to develop a set of standard practices in collaboration with the industry and the relevant government departments with a view to meeting the requirements of the buyers;
(13)to frame and maintain a code of professional ethics and general standards of professional conduct and practice and promote fair competition and health trade practice amongst the stockholders of fishery industry.
(14)to undertake and execute any trusts which may be lawfully carried out by the Council and which may be conducive to the objectives of the Council;
(15)to undertake training, awareness or educational programmes in relation to the aims and objectives of the Council and development of human resources;
(16)to carry out and sponsor research works on problems relevant to the exercise of fishery industry consistent with the aims and objectives of the Council.
(17)to undertake projects and to provide facilitation services to all stakeholders in planning implementation and evaluation of development projects;
(18)to adopt such means of making known the activities and services of the Council as deemed expedient and in particular by advertising in the press, digital and electronic media by circular, purchase and exhibition of works of interest, by publication of books and periodicals or any other kind of literature and by granting prizes, awards an d donations;
(19)to institute, conduct and defend legal proceedings by or against the Council or member of the Council or employees in respect of matters affecting the Council;
(20)to undertake and help settle disputes either between the Council members or between the members and others by arbitration or otherwise in accordance with the main objectives of the Association;